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The Importance of Software Engineering for IT Businesses

Programmers in tech companies are not considered as designers in the conventional, and certainly most popular, in the view of the software development process, but rather as those who implement the designs of others. After all, a programmer’s job is to write code. Code is considered as a “construction” activity, and everyone understands that the architecture must be completed before construction can begin.

The real design work is performed by specialized software designers. Engineers create the designs and hand them off to programmers, who turn them into code according to the software engineer’s specifications. In this view, then, the programmer only needs enough software architecture skills to understand the designs given to him.

Specialized software enigneers handle the actual design job. RIADVICE for instance, has mastered the software designing skills, we generate the designs and then pass them on to our programmers, who convert them into code according to the software designer’s instructions. In this case, the programmer merely requires sufficient design skills to comprehend the designs provided to him, software engineers make it easier for programmers to shape the code.

Let’s give the example of a spectrum of “realities” in software development. The condition described above is on one end of the spectrum. This hand-off-based situation is more common on larger, more complex projects, and in companies with a long-established traditional software engineering culture.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are no engineers, only programmers, and the programmers are in charge of the system’s design.

Many further realities exist somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

  1. a) pure, traditional, segmented software engineering, in which programmers are handed extremely detailed “complete designs,”
  2. b) micro-size development teams, in which programmers are the stars of the show. Designers, lead programmers, or “architects” who work in the “medium reality” between these poles.

RIADVICE takes care all of these features in terms of end-to-end Agile Software engineering services, from prototyping, software architecture, to design, UI/UX, quality assurance, guided by the Agile principles.

Moreover, we help Tech companies achieve their software design goals with additional services such as product development, software modernise and enterprise solutions.

You can always check our software engineering page for our full software design and engineering services.

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