Here is why you will never find a better option than BigBlueButton!

Video conferencing emerged as an immediate solution to study-from-home restrictions when the pandemic outbreak first orchestrated a global shift to remote education. But as our digital era of “virtual everything” has given way to sustainable, hybrid work and learning models, we have entered a New Digital Age that is totally changing how we learn today and for the next decades.

To safely link, communicate and learn in this new world of education, whether at home or school, in the office you are expecting an experience that goes so far beyond video conferences or chats alone, you need The Ultimate Open-Source Video Conferencing Platform BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton has made a revolution in video conferencing software. They came from a flash player into HTML5 with excellent sound, video, and great presentational features (provided you have a stable internet connection). The software is perfect for teaching, explaining, giving lectures, giving practical solutions in the form of a whiteboard webinar, and just all-around great. As simple as clicking.

Ever since its launch, it has been constantly listening to its users and improving its platform tailored for E-learning which helped them exponentially grow throughout the years. BigBlueButton is a user-friendly open-source web conferencing platform. At a first glance, you might be wondering what differentiates BigBlueButton and how is it any different from other web conferencing platforms. We really recommend you reading our previous article so that you take a closer look at BigBlueButton’s latest update, it will help you understand the exclusiveness of BigBlueButton.

Accordingly, this is why most of our customers trust RIADVICE, as the world reckoned the added value in BigBlueButton, Data privacy, and Cyber-Security. RIADVICE adds value to your Business.

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