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Deliver effective online classes with

Deliver seamless and interactive online classes with BigBlueButton. This open-source web conferencing system provides a user-friendly virtual classroom experience, complete with features such as real-time audio and video, screen sharing, breakout rooms, and whiteboard tools.

With our expertise in BigBlueButton hosting, development, and consulting services, we can help you unlock the full potential of this platform and create engaging online learning environments for your students.

BigBlueButton for Online Learning and Collaboration

Versatile and Customizable Video Conferencing Solution for Education and Business Use Cases

BigBlueButton for Online Education

BigBlueButton is the perfect solution for online education, from individual tutors to large universities and corporations. Our shared hosting solution offers video conferencing, whiteboard, presentation tools, and chat for effective online teaching.

For Tutors, Teachers, and Trainers

With our dedicated hosting solution, tutors, teachers, and trainers can easily tutor, teach, or train their students online using BigBlueButton’s video conferencing, whiteboard, presentation tools, and chat.

For Universities and Educational Institutions

BigBlueButton offers a great solution for universities and educational institutions, allowing professors, departments, faculties, or students to have their own accounts. Professors and tutors can use BigBlueButton to hold office hours, labs, or tutorials online.

For Corporations and Institutions

BigBlueButton provides video conferencing, online presentations, webinars, and distance learning for everyone in your organization. With simple user creation and scaling, you can accommodate an organization of any size. Hold meetings online including board meetings, annual general meetings, project meetings, with everyone in your organization and outside. Record your meetings for those who could not attend.

For Learning Management System Vendors

If you’re a learning management system vendor, BigBlueButton is the perfect solution to provide video conferencing, online presentations, webinars, and distance learning for all your clients. Simple user creation and scaling allows for accommodating clients of any size. You can use the same cluster of servers for all your users.

For Hosting & Telecom Companies

Hosting and telecom companies can offer video conferencing, online presentations, webinars, and distance learning to their clients with BigBlueButton. Simple user creation and scaling allows for the best use of your servers. You can start with a single server and work your way up from there.

Deliver Effective Virtual Classrooms with BigBlueButton

Make online teaching more engaging and interactive with BigBlueButton. This platform is designed specifically for educators and has been continuously shaped by teachers from around the world. Every feature, new or existing, has been requested by teachers for their students, ensuring a platform that is perfectly crafted for online teaching.

Complete LMS integrations
Customizable lock settings management
Intuitive whiteboard and document sharing capabilities

Elevate Your Online Learning with Our BigBlueButton Hosting Package

Powerful Bare-Metal Servers

Our hosting runs on powerful bare-metal servers, providing you with maximum performance and reliability for your online classes.

Comprehensive Activity Reports

Keep track of student engagement and improve their learning experience with detailed activity reports, available in PDF format.

Easy MP4 Recordings

Capture your online classes and share them with your audience by downloading MP4 recordings, compatible with your VoD platform.

Scalable Load Balancer

Scale up to thousands of servers with ease using our ZcaleRight Load Balancer, which allows you to easily manage your URL and API Key.

Hassle-Free Media Relay

Say goodbye to network and firewall issues with our turnkey media relay servers, expertly configured and ready to use.

24/7 Monitored Services

Rest easy knowing that your online classes are being monitored 24/7 by our expert team. We receive alerts for any issues and resolve incidents quickly to ensure your classes run smoothly.

Multi-Channel Support

Need help? We're always here for you. Contact us via email, support platform, Telegram, or even phone our CEO directly for personalized support.

Reliable Maintenance & Updates

Keep your servers up-to-date and secure with our reliable maintenance and update services. We only upgrade to stable versions to ensure the best experience for you and your students.

Fully Managed
BigBlueButton Hosting

Extend your IT team by subscribing to our hosting and will take care of your web-conferencing infrastructure.

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Activity Reports

Easily Monitor Student Engagement with BigBlueButton Activity Reports

  • Comprehensive Activity Reports:Get detailed insights into your online classes with our comprehensive activity reports.
  • Detailed Meeting Summaries: Analyze your online classes with ease by checking out our detailed meeting summaries.
  • Participant Tracking: Keep track of moderators and student participants in your online classes with our activity reports.
  • Engagement Metrics: Measure engagement and attendance with our activity reports, including duration, time, presence, and attention.
  • Poll Results: Get valuable feedback from your students with our polling feature, included in our comprehensive activity reports.
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Downloadable MP4 Recordings

Flexible MP4 recordings: Download, publish or share your conference recordings with ease. Our MP4 recording service lets you reuse and distribute your content in the way that works best for you.

  • High-quality video: Enjoy HD+ quality at 1600x900 resolution and 24 FPS, with the option for Full HD and 4K on demand.
  • Customizable layout: Choose your own layout to fit your branding or teaching style.
  • Personalized watermark: Add your own watermark to your videos to make them unique.
  • Seamless integration: The recording feature is included in our hosting package and can be easily integrated with your preferred storage solution.
  • Flexible subscription: Choose a monthly subscription or stop when you want.
  • Easy distribution: Push your recordings to your S3 or any other specified storage with ease.

ZcaleRight Load Balancer

ZcaleRight is our homemade load balancer. It becomes handy to increase the overall meetings capacity and allow a high number of concurrent users: all distributed across multiple server’s infrastructure. Whether you have an auto-scalable deployment or bare metal servers, the software is hosted by RIADVICE or on-premises with full priority monitoring and technical support.

Scalability at its best

Scalability at its best

From small to large scale fully automated infrastructure, ZcaleRight is ready for cloud auto-scaling.

Resource pooling

Resource pooling

ZcaleRight can handle servers with different resources and mixed scaling configurations with its pooling system.

Live meeting stats

Live meeting stats

Keep track of your meeting metrics in real-time with the live dashboard.

Instant meeting access

Instant meeting access

Join or end any meeting instantly from the user interface.

Efficient recordings management

Efficient recordings management

Manage your recordings easily by publishing, unpublishing, deleting, filtering, or viewing them.

Customizable API

Customizable API

ZcaleRight comes with additional API options for customized deployments.

BigBlueButton for Charity

We care a lot about charities, NGOs and donors’ organizations. That’s why RIADVICE has put in place special discounts for the open-source web conferencing system BigBlueButton.

Furthermore, we also promote their social activities, volunteerings and donations to our audience on our social media posts to raise awareness.

We believe that charities help make a better place on earth, and we want to be a part of that, Bigbluebutton contributors for a better world.

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