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What is
BigBlueButton platform?

BigBlueButton is the first open-source video conferencing software for online learning. BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing platform that gives every student access to a high-quality distance online learning using only a web browser.

Enjoy the best online teaching experience

BigBlueButton is continuously shaped by teachers across the world. Every existing and new feature has been request by teachers for students.

Crafted for online teaching
Lock settings management
Complete LMS integrations

Our BigBlueButton Hosting Package

Dedicated Baremetal Servers

All our hosting runs on bare-metal server, no virtualisation, you get the full capacity of your servers.

Activity Reports (PDF)

Survey the engagement of your students to improve their online education experience.

MP4 Recordings (Downloadable)

Publish your recordings into your VoD platfrom or make them available directly to your audience.

ZcaleRight Load Balancer

Get your URL and API Key and scale up to thousands of servers.

Turn servers (Media Relay)

Get rid of network and firewall issues, we will make available and configure the media relay servers for you.

24/7 Monitored Services

All our services are monitored 24/7. We receive alerts for all the issues and resolve incidents very quickly.

Mutli-channel Support

Send us an e-mail, use our support platfrom, use telegram or just phone directly to the CEO. Isn't it easy?

Maintenance & Updates

We keep your servers up-to-date and we decide about updates by ensuring the upgrade to a stable version.

Fully Managed
BigBlueButton Hosting

Extend your IT team by subscribing to our hosting and will take care of your web-conferencing infrastructure.

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Activity Reports

A quick glance at the Conference Activity reports might solve many problems that cannot be figured out manually.

  • Meeting summary Detail
  • Moderators & Students Participants
  • Duration & Time
  • Presence & Engagement
  • Attention & Polls
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Downloadable MP4 Recordings

RIADVICE provides an MP4 recording SaaS to convert your BigBlueButton conferences into a downloadable file

  • HD+ Quality 1600x900 (900p) @ 24 FPS
  • Full HD and 4K on demand
  • Custom Layout
  • Personnlised Watermark
  • Included into the hosting package
  • Monthly subscription & stop when you want
  • Pushed to your S3 or specified storage

ZcaleRight Load Balancer

ZcaleRight is our homemade load balancer. It becomes handy to increase the overall meetings capacity and allow a high number of concurrent users: all distributed across multiple server’s infrastructure. Whether you have an auto-scalable deployment or bare metal servers, the software is hosted by RIADVICE or on-premises with full priority monitoring and technical support.

Ready for Cloud auto-scaling

Ready for Cloud auto-scaling

From a bare-metal server to large scale fully automated infrastructure.

Pooling System

Pooling System

Handle servers with different resources and have mixed scaling configuration.

Live stats

Live stats

Follow your meetings metrics from the live dashboard.

Instant Meeting Join

Instant Meeting Join

Join any meeting instantly from the user interface or end it.

Recordings Management

Recordings Management

Publish, unpublish, delete, filter or view your recordings.

Additional API

Additional API

A set of additional API are available for custom deployments.

BigBlueButton for Charity

We care a lot about charities, NGOs and donors’ organizations. That’s why RIADVICE has put in place special discounts for the open-source web conferencing system BigBlueButton.

Furthermore, we also promote their social activities, volunteerings and donations to our audience on our social media posts to raise awareness.

We believe that charities help make a better place on earth, and we want to be a part of that, Bigbluebutton contributors for a better world.

Contact us for a Special Offer

* RIADVICE’s products and services for BigBlueButton are not endorsed or certified by BigBlueButton Inc. BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc.