This is how RIADVICE CEO was able to address BigBlueButton Components holistically, Simplifying the Complex

Web-conferencing emerged as an immediate solution to study-from-home restrictions when the pandemic outbreak first orchestrated a global shift to remote education. But as our digital era of “virtual everything” has given way to sustainable, hybrid work and learning models, we have entered a New Digital Age that is totally changing how we learn today and for the next decades.

To safely link, communicate and learn in this new world of education, whether at home or school, in the office you are expecting an experience that goes so far beyond web conferences or chat alone, you need the ultimate open-source Web Conferencing Platform, BigBlueButton.

If you are keen to know about the technical components of BigBlueButton, reading this article is the FIRST RIGHT STEP you took!

“Ghazi Triki” has first started by introducing the Presentation Index, where he shortlisted the presentation plan of BigBlueButton components, the magical open-source web conferencing platform.

First, the whole presentation was structured in an upside-down tree structure, from Terminology, to languages and framework and finally closing the curtains with the components from their order in appearance to the user starting from the front-end.

This presentation with other BigBlueButton commercial supports, has led to a wider understanding to fathom the technical foundations put together to make the first open-source web conferencing platform.

In addition, you can find there the definitions and the use of every single feature and technical component in the open-source web conferencing platform (Etherpad, Nginx, MongoDB, Kurento Media Server, WebRTC SFU, Presentation Checker etc.…). Ghazi Triki, CEO of RIADVICE, has thoroughly explained every single detail that could be mentioned in a 1-hour long BigBlueButton conference.

We firmly believe that by presenting BigBlueButton components we are contributing to a wider range development for the open-source web conferencing system, which has been nothing but honour, RIADVICE believes in the future of BigBlueButton and its expansion among regions, we are privileged to be a BigBlueButton commercial support and big contributor in the MENA region.

After reading this article, we would recommend you watch our Presentation “BigBlueButton components” introduced by “Ghazi Triki” CEO of RIADVICE, BigBlueButton Commercial Support Provider, that was later uploaded on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch the full presentation.

The video was recorded on a BigBlueButton server then processed with our commercial MP4 recordings SaaS for BigBlueButton.

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