RIADVICE Blog Launched

On the 19th of August 2013, RIADVICE was created. Few months after starting a freelancer job, things truned out to be more serious than expected. I decided to leave my job and start this new self-entrepreneur adventure, and I never thought it would bring me so far.

First, as a muslim, I have to be thankful to Allah for bringing so much success to the company. Then I would love to thank all the customers, people and companies that were behind this success.

Eight years after the company has been established, we have now decided to write on our blog. We will sure surprise you, we are providing BigBlueButton as a commercial provider to the whole world, but we will share more stories about how we make it happen very fast with a very small team.

You should expect us to write about a lot of different things. Stay tuned, we will try to keep a pace of one article per two weeks as much as we can.

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